Wild Elk Found With A Car Tire Stuck Around His Neck For More Than Two Years

A 4.5-year-old elk was forced to live approximately a half of its life with a tyre around its neck while roaming the hills of Colorado, USA. Thankfully, the officers of Colorado Parks and Wildlife were able to finally remove it from its neck.

Scott Murdoch said that it was a very hard mission to remove the tyre as they have attempted 4 times within a week till they were able to remove the tyre! However, they just cut the antlers and left the steel to be gone with the elk’s activity as it was so hard to be cut.

The officer also added that the elk had to carry so much weight around his neck as the tyre was full of dirt and pine needles. Despite all what it had been through, the elk was generally fine! We are all very happy and thankful to the officers, who were finally able to set this elk free! Watch the video below.

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