Rare Moment Captured For A 40-TON Whale Completely Breaches Above Water

One of the largest animals in the world is whales, and one of their types is humpback. But being large does not stop the humpback whale in the video below, that was taken by Craig Capehart, a scuba diver, off the coat of Mbotyi in the Indian Ocean, from breaching completely out of the water!

In general, the weight of a fully grown adult humpback whale is around 36k kg, which is the same weight of 6 biggest land mammal elephants!

The humpback whale performed its trick while the diver sitting on a ‘rubber duck’ inflatable boat! He said that this is one of the greatest moments in his life, and the best thing in it was that he was able to record on a video! He added that is known that Great White Sharks and Dolphins breach out of water, but for a humpback whale, it is the first time! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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