Unhappy Lioness Rebuked Her Male For Playfighting With Her Cubs

It is known that a lion is the king of the jungle. But when the lion has a lioness beside him it means that she is the king of the jungle. This story shows us the love of mama as one female lion gives a male a scolding as she is not happy with the way he plays with kids.

A father lion had pinned Lusaka, his daughter to the ground angrily as she had repeatedly nipped his tail! But when the lioness arrived and bared her teeth at the male in fury the lion and his daughter came to a halt.

Jennifer Lockridge, an amateur photographer, took the remarkable footage at the National Zoo in Washington DC. She said that she spotted what happened while she was in a visit to the zoo last month.

She also that it was so funny to see how the lioness intervened to stop the lion from playing fight with her cub! What a great moment!

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