Two Men Couldn't Ignore Hearing The Abuse, So They Broke In And Steal The Puppies

A report about dogs being abused was sent by some neighbors after repeatedly hearing the dogs’ sounds. You can hear in the video below, that was recorded as a proof, the dogs yelping as a man screaming.

So, when Viktor Larkhill heard about the incident, he took his team and went to the home in hope to take the dogs, but the man refused!

So, they decided to solve the problem by themselves. In order to stop the abuse, Viktor and a friend were able to steal the dogs after breaking into the yard. They just cared about saving the dogs at this point despite the consequences.

The 2 puppies, that were named Carla and Johnny, were directly fostered. They’ll then go to a rescue center before finding forever homes. Thanks to Viktor and his team of rescuers, who were able to stop the dogs’ struggling. Watch the video below.

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