The Valais Blacknose Sheep, The Most Adorable Sheep Which Looks Like Stuffed Animals

Have you ever seen the Valais Blacknose Sheep? They are one of the cutest sheep breed in the world. Actually, they are the cutest sheep! Valais sheep, that are born in the mountain of state of Valais, Switzerland, have thick fluffy coat to stay still against the harsh winters of Switzerland.

They are very known for many things such as being sociable and friendly with humans, covering with fluffy fur, and their faces that are mysterious black. The point of raising these sheep was for the wool but they become favorite for their good temperament and mysterious looks.

However, they are treated like pets by the farmers in Switzerland as they are really friendly to humans. In addition to their black feet, knees, ears, and face, that are all surrounded by thick curly wool, they have spiral horns which makes them very cute.

Unfortunately, it's breed needs around 40 years to be resurged, which means that their population was declining especially in Switzerland. You can find them all over the world as there is an annual Shepherd festival, that takes place in Switzerland, that attracts a huge audience from all over the world to enjoy this cute breed. How adorable!

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