Man Saves A Terrified Dog And Makes Him Trust Humans Again With Love

A Romanian animal enthusiast called Kola Kariola was shocked to see an unfortunate dog who needed help directly. The man, who dedicates his life to assisting and rescuing animals in distress, has his own channel in YouTube to record and upload the rescues he makes.

The dog turned into skin and bones after being left nothing to eat or drink for many days. At first, the dog was so afraid of Kariola as he had a bad story with humans but when the man took him to a secure location and gave him a bath, cuddles and some kisses he started feeling comfortable and safe.

The great thing was that the dog starts being out of shell and showing how great he is after bathed and given a comfortable place to sleep and food to eat. The good thing was that the dog was also adopted by the man, who already has a great family who really takes care of dogs. What a happy ending!

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