Stray Pit Bull Mother Carries Her Lifeless Puppy Begging For Help

Hope For Paws received an urgent text about a mama PitBull who had given birth on the streets, so, they directly went to help the mama dog. They found the mama protecting her 6 newborn pups with her body, but it was obvious that she was sad as her 7th pup was dead.

They tried to let the mana come out of her hiding spot, but she was very scared. After many attempts, they were able to give her a gentle snare. The dogs and their mama were then all taken to the hospital. Jade, the mama dog, was still worried! That’s when when Eldad Hagar knew that there was something wrong.

That’s when they knew the next day that one of the puppies was taken by a neighbor to raise it. So, they contacted the man, and were able to take the pup back. Thankfully, all the pups along with their mama are fostered by The Little Red Dog till they find forever homes. Watch the video below.

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