Former Russian War Dog Changes His Loyalty After Being Saved By Ukrainian troops

The Ukrainian army has been using dogs to help them in fighting against the Russian invasion. Actually, the Ukrainian army has awarded many brave dogs with medals of honor for their ability to clear and detect explosive devices. Furthermore, they have added a new doggy member to their army which was a 3-year-old dog.

In fact, Max, the dog, was in the Russian force, but he was abandoned by their soldiers. The dog was found by a local Ukrainian family in southern Ukraine, and he was almost exhausted but surviving after eating rotting food. So, they decided to help him and nurse him before calling the Ukrainian National Guard to take him.

Sarcastically, the dog, who is highly athletic and smart, is now able to understand the Ukrainian commands! Because of being very intelligent, he's directly become the favorite of the Ukrainian National Guards and has been deployed to find explosive devices and bombs. Watch the video below.

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