A Plea To Rescue A Shelter Dog Just About To Be Euthanized Inspires Christmas Miracle

Getting rescued before Christmas is the greatest thing happen to any dog. So, when a dog got rescued just hours before being put down by a kind rescuer, he was over the moon.

The story begins when a rescue woman of Camp Cocker Rescue entered the shelter and saw a poor pit bull; whose mange was so severe, and she was not able to forget the dog, who couldn’t see well.

The rescuer, Cathy Stanley, was then able to pull the poor pit bull, but without knowing where to take him. So, the first thing she did was taking him to a vet to receive medications and rehabilitation. She then made a clip and started sending it on emails in a crazy way and begged people to adopt him.

When Dave Schofield and Jo-Ann, saw the video on Christmas Day, they directly decided to help the dog. The dog was immediately moved into a foster care in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

Many people saw the video of the pit bull and decided to adopt him, but he was adopted by Teresa and Josh Caufield, a couple who’d never seen the video. The dog is now doing great after more than 4 years, he even loves his family more than anything! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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