Puppy With Ugly Mange Chased Away, And Hide Herself Under In A Vehicle Tire In Cold

This story speaks about a poor dog, whose shelter was a vehicle tire! She used to hid and rest inside it! Some people in the neighborhood kicked her away from their houses as they thought that she was sick and mangy. While some others helped her and gave her food and water.

Sadly, the poor dog, who has taken the tire as a shelter for so long, was ignored by all people, who met her! I can’t understand how no one decided to help her!

Thankfully, everything changed when a kind man met her! He saw how sad she was and decided to take her home to take care of her!

The rescuer, who rescued her, said that she never have to suffer again as she is finally with good hands with some other doggy friends, who were also rescued by the same man.

The dog, who was named Neve, was given warm bath and meal before she went to sleep in a warm, cozy bed!

When she woke up, she was taken to a veterinary clinic, where she was treated for her skin by coconut oil, and given antibiotics.

Neve, who is finally in a place that values her, loves her canine and kittens companions. She is a playful dog who shows love to everyone meets her! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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