Pregnant Pit Bull Saved From Being Euthanized, Gives Birth To Adorable Puppies

This story speaks about a pregnant Pit Bull called Mary who was taken to a high-kill shelter to be euthanized. The Pit Bull was so closed from being euthanized but everything changed when Aaron Colby's fiancée decided to save her just one day before being euthanized.

Aaron Colby' fiancée was able to save the dog with the help of the donations of people around the country which was more than $1000.

The pregnant dog, who was very thin when the fiancée saved her, was completely ready to give birth but she hoped to give birth them in a safe kennel, so she waited as long as she could.

Aaron and his fiancée took care of the dog really well as they kept her food dish full all the time. So, the dog felt safe and decided to give birth after just 2 days.

Fortunately, Mary was able to give birth to 12 pups in about 16 hours but unfortunately 3 of them took so long to be born so they would not survive.

Aaron said that the 9 puppies will be available for adoption when they are well-healthy. He also added that they will take care of them until they find proper forever homes.

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