Pregnant Dog Dumped During Labor Complications At Shelter, Lost All Her 21 Puppies

A pregnant mama dog was left during labor problems at the Boone Location Humane Society. The mama dog lost her consciousness 2 times after having an emergency situation C-section.

Thankfully, in the ICU at Iowa State’s College of Vet Med, she was checked in a very careful way as she had a blood transfusion. The veterinarians found that she was bred, and left when needed the best care!

The vets tried to save her pups but it was too late as her all 21 pups died! The mama dog, who was named Ruthie, is staying at the hospital until she is completely healthy to stand up by her own.

However, the Humane Society is doing their best to know who did that to Ruthie to let it get what it deserves. Watch the video below.

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