Brave Pit Bull Prevents Armed Intruders From Stealing Baby From Home

Adolfo Angeles-Morales and Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez were on the phone when 2 armed robbers, a woman and a man, were breaking into their home to steal their three-month-old baby! Adolfo was at work and he was listening to what happened after one of the robbers broke into the home by the kitchen’s door!

Unfortunately, one of the robbers told Nayeli that he would take the child or she gave them money! But the wife told them that she didn’t have money, so, the baby was grabbed by her arms by the woman! The wife tried to fight to protect the baby, but she was hit by the man’s gun!

Out of nowhere, the family’s pit bull stopped the woman from escaping the backyard with the baby! So, the baby was thrown back into the wife’s arms by the woman, who knew that she could not leave the home holding her.

Eventually, the baby and Nayeli went to the hospital to be checked over. Thankfully, the baby was completely alright, but her mama has a cut and a bad bruise on her head. The good thing was that they are generally safe. What a brave dog! Watch the video below.

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