When Owner Started Pouring Vinegar Over His Dog's Ears I had No Idea With The Result

The video below is really important for the pets’ owners, especially, for the dog’s owner. It shows a man using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to clean his dog’s ears from itchy gunk. The man made a quick video to teach the dog’s owners this nice way.

The man shows us that Apple Cider Vinegar can also use for dogs, not just for human, it can prevent/treat damaging ear infections and those pesky, alleviate itching, and clear skin of fungal and bacterial infections.

This video shows you how to clean your pet’s ears in a proper way. The man in the video advices the owners to follow his instructions one by one, to make sure that you are following the right way. Make sure to speak to your vet before doing anything as every pet is unique and different. Don’t use this treatment if your dog’s ear drums are punctured or perforated. Watch the video below.

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