Little Boy Uses His Allowance To Rescue Two Other Dogs After Adopting One At Shelter

It is known that most kids would spend their pocket money on sweets or toys, but for this 4-year-old boy, it is different. Jaxton Betschart was taken by his mama to “Charleston Animal Society”, and he chose 2 pit bulls with his pocket money.

Jaxton wanted to take the 2 pit bulls home, but it was too hard for his family to raise 2 other dogs as they already have 2 cats and 2 dogs! But Jaxton could be able to the guardian angel of the abandoned pups!

With the help of funds, dogs will be neutered, and they’ll also receive the flea medications and necessary vaccines, explains Elyse, Jaxton’s mama.

After the story of Jaxton was shared on Facebook by Charleston Animal Society asylum team, many people came asking how they could be like Jaxton in helping abandoned animals find new homes. The best thing was that the 2 pit bulls Jaxton chose went to new owners in addition to another abandoned dog! What a great boy! Watch the video below.

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