Goldfish Suffers From A Tumor Gets A Life-Saving Brain Surgery

This story shows us that love has no limits! A kind family from Australia decided to take George, their goldfish, to undergo life-saving brain surgery as he was prevented from swimming or eating properly by a tumor! Pip Joyce, George’s owner, was very eager to remove the tumor as the other fish were bullying the 10-year-old fish!

The veterinarians put the fish in a bucket of water laced with anesthetic to sedate him to be able to do the operation. The fish was also doused with oxygenated water and anesthetic throughout the operation, that lasted for 45 mins.

The brave fish was given oxygen after being placed in the recovery unit. He was also given antibiotics and injections. It was a good surgery as it is expected that George can live another 20 years if he stays healthy, according to Vet Dr Tristan Rich, who operated the surgery. How lucky George is to have such a kind family! Watch the video below.

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