The Family Sleeps In Turns With Their Senior Dog To Keep Him Company

This story speaks about Spike, an adorable dog who was adopted by Catherine Morris and her family before 9 years. The great puppy was energetic and nimble, he even decided that he wanted to sleep with his humans just a few days after being adopted.

He was very determined as he jumped the gate every night to go to sleep with his humans until the family allow him to sleep with them. Unfortunately, when Spike turned fourteen, he suffered 2 strokes, which affected his ability to walk. Thankfully, his caring family did whatever they could and was able to let him gain back some of his strength.

Anyway, the dog who is now able to walk by his own, can't climb the stairs by his own! This was a big problem for Spike as he used to sleep with his family upstairs! So, the family came up with a great idea to not let his sleep all alone. Catherine Morris shared on Instagram that each family member sleeps downstairs with Spike by turns.

This does not affect his life as he is now very happy because he still gets cuddled. A video shared on Instagram showed the cute arrangement. As some days her father by Spike's side and some days she sleeps by his side. What a great family.

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