Family Celebrates Christmas Early To Enjoy It With Their Dying Dog For The Last Time

Molly Bradshaw’s family decided to celebrate Christmas early this year as their dog, Scooby who loved Christmas, would not be able to make it this year! Scooby has always been given left over roast and presents in Christmas, and he has always enjoyed the holiday season!

So, the family, who lives in Bedfordshire, England, did not want the dog to miss Christmas this year as his life had been threatened again with the same problems he had 5 years ago!

Unfortunately, he developed dementia, and lost his hearing and sight! So, Bradshaw became his 24/7 carer, as he would just settle down with her!

In October, Bradshaw’s family and she went to Florida to meet their friends, but Bradshaw was not able to stay as she was told that Scooby was not doing well without her! Bradshaw said that when she saw him, she knew that he was worried about not making it to the Christmas!

So, she came up with a great idea to bring Christmas to Scooby. So, Bradshaw and her friends set up everything like decorating the house with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, a book of Christmas rules, the tree, paper chains, and tinsel! They also arranged a final walk for Scooby!

Thankfully, Scooby was able to celebrate Christmas in the middle of November before he died after that. Bradshaw said that Scooby is not just a dog, he is a family member! Watch the video below.

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