Neglected Emaciated Dog Lives Alone For 4 Years Long On Chain Tethered To A Tree

I do not know why people are so harsh against animals! To be honest, animals are friendlier than humans, and this story proves that perfectly. A cruel person tied a dog with a heavy chain to a tree for 4 years!

He was so weak as he could not move to search for food, which caused him to be skin and bones! There is no doubt that he got passed by hundred times until the assistance finally arrived! The dog was almost dehydrated with nothing to eat, and without a bed and shelter!

The poor dog, who should’ve weighed at least fifty pounds, weighed just 25 pounds! Thankfully, Go Dogs Rescue in Georgia was alerted with the dog’s photos, and they directly came to rescue the dog.

The dog, who was named Hero, was in a very bad situation! He was saved just in time to feel the warmth of a comfy bed for the first time for so long. He is now receiving the medication and care he needs, and will be available for adoption soon.

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