Dog Closes His Eyes Peacefully For The First Time, After Spending His Life On Streets

A text message came to Hope For Paws’ emergency line about a stray dog looking for a safe shelter near a train company.

The employees helped the dog by feeding him and taking care of him, until an employee decided to contact Hope For Paws knowing that they’d be able to help him.

The dog loved the employees and enjoyed being with them! He wouldn’t also allow the rescuers to approach him as he was still anxious! The rescuers even tried to lure him with food, but he was not interested as he was fed well.

So, the rescuers were able to get so close to the dog and used a net to trap him. Thankfully, it worked and the dog finally realized that he was in good hands.

Then, they took the dog, who was named Scooter, to their clinic to give him the medicated bath he needed. He was also covered with a warm blanket to have a great night’s sleep.

The best thing was that the dog was even adopted a few weeks later! His new owners renamed him Rudy, and he is now enjoying playing with Dottie, his doggie sister! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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