Disabled Miniature Horse Who Has Been Abandoned, Lives Now With 3 Dog Best Friends

Miniature horses are trained by Faith Smith for love, mobility services, emotional support, and therapy because of their calm demeanor. In general, miniature horses weigh between 150-350 pounds, but Peabody, a miniature horse, weighs only 19 pounds at six weeks old! Which means that he is smaller than most dogs!

Peabody, who was abandoned by his mama as she could not nurse him due to his small size, is smallest horse in the world at his age, according to Smith. Peabody has grown a little since his rescue, but he must be less than 3 feet (34 inches) tall to be classified as a miniature horse.

Peabody’s jaw was misaligned when he was rescued! However, he had then learned to walk, his jaw is no longer out of alignment, and his head has grown a bit! Furthermore, he can now play, and run with the training with his new mama, who created special shoes for him!

He even lives indoors unlike the other horses as he is so small! He also becomes a friend with 3 dogs! He loves spending time with them. Despite being deaf, but he sees well. Faith said that he will always be a house horse until he grows enough to live outside! How cute!

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