Brave husky found a box full of kittens in the forest and adopted them

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Zookeeper Could See Finally The Elephant He Loves Freed From After 50 Years

Trail Camera Captures Orphaned Bear While Bathing With A Toy Bear He Found

Man Captures His Chicken Caring For 3 Orphaned Kittens In A Viral Video

After 20 Hr Rescue Mission A Giant Sperm Whale Survives To Swim Another Day

Caught On Camera Bald Eagle and Octopus Tangled in Legendary Fight

6-Week-Old Most responsible Kitten Found Caring For Three Other Newborns

Forester Feeds Hungry Female Wolf, Two Months Later Three Wolves Thanked Him

7-Year-Old Boy With Special Appearance Gets Cat From Shelter Is Just As Unique

Robin Williams Makes Devastated Gorilla Laugh Again, Koko Lost Her Playmate 6 Month Ago

3 Month-Old Giraffe Could Walk Again After Receiving Custom Braces To Fix Legs

Two Gorillas Couldn't Stop Hugging Each Other In A Touching Reunion After 3 Years Apart

Owl Who Was Run Over By A Car Can't Stop Hugging Her Rescuer

Rare White Lioness Gives Birth To Quadruplets Cubs, And They Are Ready To Meet Public

Donkey Overcome With Emotions After Seeing Girl Who Raised Him

Drowning Bear Cub Clings To Boat, The Fishermen Rescued Him Risking It Could Bite Them

Musician Plays Healing Music For Blind Rescue Elephants

In Finland They Cover Reindeer Antlers In Reflective Paint To Avoid Car Accidents

The Only Living Albino Orangutan In The World, Gets Her Own Island To Live In

Volunteer Carries Cat In Flight From Ukraine to US To Reunite Him With Owner

Dog Fighting Cancer With Three Legs, Jumps In River And Saves Baby Otter

LA Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of the Tallest Newborn Baby Giraffe

Senior Retired Racehorse And A 58-Year-Old Man Give Each Other A Reason To Live

Maryland Law Bans Declawing cats And Leaving Pets Outside In Severe Weather

Endangered Red Wolf Cubs Born For The First Time In Four Years in The Wild

Zoo Keepers Who Stayed To Help Animals During War Found Shot To Death

Dying Sick Woman Obsessed With ‘Bambi’ Visited By A Real-Life Deer

Family Dog Attacked While Being Out In The Garage, But A Cat Saves The Day

Mom Filmed An Adorable Moment For Her Dog While Taking A Nap With Little Friend

Cat With Broken Heart Keeps Visiting Her Human's Grave Every Day For A Year

Lioness Rescued While She Was A Cub, Has A Priceless Bond With Her Caretaker

Wild Orangutan Offers A Helping Hand To A Man Who Was Stuck In Mud

Man Risked Jail Time To Save A Dying Bear Cub He Found While Hiking

Mother Tiger Abandoned Her Babies, Then A Golden Retriever Took Action To Help

Trophy Hunter Who Used To Hunt Lions And Elephants Gets Eaten By Crocodiles

Puppy With His Bunny Friend Take A Nap Together And Cuddle Each Other

Abandoned Baby Polar Bear Filmed Sleeping With Stuffed Animal Which Makes Cute Sounds

Mother Deer Rushes Towards The Sound Of Cries Of Newborn Human Baby

Man Nursed Dying Crocodile Back To Health, And They Become Best Friends

Pregnant Elephant Died After Eating Pineapple Stuffed With Firecrackers

Baby Deer Thinks German Shepherd Is His Mom, Follows Her For Snuggles

Woman Finds Her Missing Cat After Two Years, Listed on Shelter’s Facebook Page

Police Officer Saves Sloth Who Was Trapped In The Middle Of A Highway

Lion And White Tiger Fall In Love And They Escape The Zoo Together

Heartbreaking Scenes For Ukrainian People Clinging To Their Pets During Flee

Tiny Baby Wild Boar Believes That Labrador Retriever Is Actually Her Dad

Couple Rescue An Injured Baby Fox Who Was Crying And Staggering Around Them

Orphaned Baby Bear Enjoys Being Tickled On Her Feet By The Man Who Saved Her

Farmer Finds Calf Cow Freezing In The Snow, Put Her In Hot Water Tub To Warm Her

This The Pink Amazon Dolphin – This Beautiful Creature Lives In The River

Meet Dusty The Kangaroo Who Believes That He Is A Dog

Sick Dog Too Weak To Play With Other Dogs Adopted By A Donkey

Family Rescue Freezing Piglet From Snow Storm While On Ski Vacation

Cute Goose Can't Contain His Excitement Of Joy To See His Human Friend Again

Cat Couldn't Hold Its Excitement When Dog Returns Home After 10 Days Of Waiting

Monkey At China Zoo Grabs A Sharp Rock And Uses It To Break The Glass Enclosure

Bear Who Has Been Trapped In ‘Torture Vest’ For Years, Now Enjoys Swimming

Pregnant Opossum Unstoppably Clings To The People Who Saved Her Babies

Disabled Lovebird Who Has Been Rejected By His Mom Shows An Amazing Transformation

Two Old Elephants Who Has Been Apart For 22 Years Have An Emotional Reunion

Baby Elephant Keeps Following His Rescuer Wherever She Goes Even To The Couch

Man Saves His Money Up For 10 Years To Buy An Ambulance For Helping Sick Stray Dogs

Giant Great Dane Dog Adopts An Orphaned Kitten As His Own

Baby Moose Swept Under The River When He Tries To Follow His Mom

Lion Says Heartwarming Goodbye To His Rescuer After 20 Years Together

Mama Gorilla And Mother Woman Bond Over Their Babies In Heartwarming Video

Caught By Camera The Largest Orca Pod Ever Off The Coast Of Norway

Shy Cheetah Cubs Are Given “Emotional Support” Dogs By Zoo To Overcome Anxiety

Police Officer Saves Donkey From busy Highway, Moves It Inside Patrol Car

Baby Orca Found Stranded And Crying For Many Hours, Saved By Group Of Strangers

Little Boy Waits Every Morning Patiently For His Giant Stingray Friend To Greet Him

Cheetah Watches Photographer While Taking A Nap Under A Tree And Decides To Join Him

Herd Of Elephants Rushes To Reunion With Their Favorite Human Who Was Away For 14 Months

Crying Baby Orangutan Raised In A Chicken Cage, Receives Love After Years Of Neglect

Tiger Mother's Instincts Kick In To Save Her Lifeless Twin Cubs, Leaves Caretakers Stunned

Helpless Elephant Mother's Cries, Leads Locals To Save Her Trapped Baby

Watch This Elephant Falls Asleep Each Time Her Caretaker Sings

Rescued Puma Which Couldn't Be Released Into The Wild, Living Now As A Spoiled Pet Cat

Rescued Orphaned Baby Gorilla Feels Comfort In Human Carer When Realizes He Is Safe

An Old Irishman Rescued Two Foxes , And Now They Refuse To Leave His Side

Kind Hearted Dog Keeps Sharing Food With Hungry Stray Cat

Abandoned Baby Panther By It Mother, Raised By Human Family And Dog Best Friend

Baby Whale Cries To Grab Surfers Attention To Come And Rescue Her

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Dog Who Kept Sneaking Into A Dollar Store For A Unicorn Toy, Got A New Start In Life

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Rare White Moose Recently Seen In Sweden Roger Brendhagen ( Photos )

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Duck Waits For His Dog Friend Outside The Window To Come Out And Play

Mother Rabbit Fights Against Black Snake Protecting Her Babies

A Plea To Rescue A Shelter Dog Just About To Be Euthanized Inspires Christmas Miracle

Baby Wolf Abandoned By Its Mom, Raised By Human Family And Acts Like A Dog

Mountain Gorilla Who Starred In Viral Selfie, Dies In The Arms Of Caretaker At Age Of 14

Dog Cries After Reunited With Cow Who Raised Him When Was Still A Puppy

A Big Snake Found writhing In Pain After Regretting To Eat Porcupine

A Dinosaur Embryo Found Preserved Fossilised Perfectly Inside An Egg

Kitten Could Escape From Pet Store Display To Meet Its Lonely Puppy Friend

Final Farewell : Herd Of Elephants Gather To Pay Last Respects To Their Dying Leader

Diver Shocked When He Found A Trapped Animal Inside A Cage Underwater

Golden Retriever Saves Bald Eagle From Freezing To Death

Disabled Goldfish Gets Makeshift “Wheelchair” To Be Able to Swim

Goldfish Suffers From A Tumor Gets A Life-Saving Brain Surgery

Lion Jumps Inside Bus Full Of People Asking For Cuddle And Attention

Giant Crabs Invade Family's Picnic And Steal Their Food

Polar Bear Cub Freaks Out By Baby Seal Who Just Met In The Cutest Wildlife Footage

Mountain Lion Chained For 20 Years In Circus , Finally Returned To The Forest

Mother Elephant Saves Her Baby From Fatal Crocodile Attack By Brilliant Trick

Cat Saves Newborn Baby That Was Cruelly Abandoned Inside A Small Box In A Basement

Police Officer Lies On Street Beside Dying Horse, After Being Hit By Cement Truck

Man Tries To Mess With A Mother Snake's Eggs, Learns That It Is Worse Thing To Do

Heroic Puppy Comforts Helpless Newborn Calf In Freezing Cold Weather

Kind Pit Bull Lets Pregnant Stray Cat To Sleep In His Doghouse To Give Birth

Wild Elk Found With A Car Tire Stuck Around His Neck For More Than Two Years

Mother Chicken Filmed Protecting Her Babies From Heavy Rain Under Her Wings

Owner Left Him Like Trash, But Stranger Picked Him Like A Treasure

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Mother Swan Captured While Taking Her Babies Under Her Wing Across The Pond

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Man Adopts Orphaned Bear Cub After Being Found Wandering Into A Village

Rare Moment Captured For A 40-TON Whale Completely Breaches Above Water

Man develops A friendship With Bear Over Years, - Then She Introduces Her New Cubs

Lady finds wounded kitty tossed in a dumpster, Vet Reveals Cat Is Incredibly Rare

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Tiny Hamster Wears World’s Adorable Smallest Cast For A Broken Arm

Man Gives A Cube Of Ice For A Squirrel On A Hot Day, And It Highly Appreciated It

Harpy The Rare Eagle Is So Big So People Think It's Human In Bird Costume

Mother Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten To Hospital Begging For Help

Rare Baby Zebra Born With Dots Rather Than Stripes

Baby Elephant Who Lost His Leg To Landmine, Has Been Given Prosthetic Leg

Caught On Camera: Hippo Lets Out Huge Fart, That Lasts For 11 Seconds In View Of The Zoo-Goers!

She Filmed Cockatiel While Singing Sweet Lullaby To Her 2-Week-Old Baby

Woman Lets Parakeet Bird Play With An Egg From Grocery Store, Then The Egg Hatches Cute Chick

Street Singer Was Ignored By Everyone, Then 4 Kittens Came To Show Their Support

Herd Of Donkeys Show An Emotional Goodbye For Their Deceased Friend

Three Blind Cats Could Get Back On Their Feet With Help Of Rescue Pit Bulls

Rescuers Save Newborn Injured Spider Monkey From Illegal Poachers

Smart Cat Prevents Toddler From Reaching Balcony Ledge

Adorable Belgian Draft Horse Gives Birth To Beautiful Rare Twin Foals

Rare Pink Dolphin Gives To An Adorable Pink Calf

Pregnant Cow Who Has Been Chased By Gang Of Teens Passed Away

Golden Retriever Spots Drowning Bird In Pool, Then He Activates Lifeguard-Mode

Stranded Octopus Saved By Man, And It Gives Him A Thank In Return

Fisherman Finds Turtle Floating On The Water With Barnacles Covering All His Body

Baby Dolphin Passed Away As Beachgoers Were Taking Selfies With It

Man Stops His Car In Fear To Help Injured Leopard Laying On The Road

Smart Dog Saved Himself After Being Locked For Hours In Bathroom With A Leopard

Woman Forgets Back Door Open During Storm, Encounters With 3 Deer Huddled In Her House

Touching Scene In China For Herd Of Elephants Taking A Nap Running Away From Humans

Pregnant Horse Lies Down To Give Birth And Twin Were Delivered

Driver Saved Thirsty And Dehydrated Maned Wolf Who Collapses Under His Truck

Thirsty Armadillo Found On A Dry And Dusty Road Rescued By Water Truck Driver

Starving Horse Found In A Ditch By Teenager, Then Life Is Never Like Before

Giant Mother Rat Drags Human By Her Hand To Show Off Her New Babies

Baby Elephant Cries For Five Hours Without Stopping After Being Rejected By His Mama

Dying Dog Brought To Chimp Sanctuary, Healed After Being Cared From A Chimp Family

Neglected Cat Rescued With 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur Described As 'Dragging A Carpet'

Mom Finds Her Little Girl Having A Party With Her Horse Inside Her Bedroom

Man Introduces His Wife To 2 Gorillas He Raised 6 Years Ago, She Got Too Close Despite Warnings

Fishermen Hunt Huge Pregnant Bull Shark & Find 9 Babies In Her Stomach

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Kitten Brought to Vet with Pain and He Pulls Out the Maggot From The Face

Blind Elephant Finally Got Her 1st Taste Of Freedom After 46 Years Of Captive Abuse

Baby Cow Could Run Away From Slaughterhouse, Adopted By Family Of Wild Deer

Abused Piglet Thrown Down At Animal Shelter Has Supernatural Transformation

Cockatoo Throws Hilarious ‘Temper Tantrum’ When She Is Asked To Go To Her Cage

Rare White Tiger Killed By Bengal Big Cats After Zoo Keeper Left Door Open!!

A parrot starts crying when his dying mama says : I Love You !

Army Veteran Saves A Poor Eagle Hanging To A Tree, AS No One Steps For!

Pregnant Cow Jumps Off Truck While It's On The Way To Slaughterhouse, Trying To Save Her Baby

Mom Allows Her Dog To Go Outside, Then He Returns Back With A Friend

People Couldn't Believe That This Very Tall Duck Is Actually Real

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Man Saves A Coyote Who Got Stuck in Barbed Wire Fence

Swan Hugs Its Rescuer By Wrapping Itself Around His Neck

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Blue-Banded Pitta Is Stunning Bird Who Wears Christmas jumper All The Time

Crocodile Father Proudly Carries Over 100 Of His babies On His Back

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Baby Elephant Keeps Following Her Rescuer Who Saved Her From Inevitable Death

Golden Retriever Saves Goldfish And Carries Them Gently Back Into Their Water Bowl

Mama Cat Adopts 8 Orphaned Hedgehog Babies And Raises Them As Her Own

Big Gorilla Develops A Special Friendship With A Tiny Baby From The Bushes

They Adopted An Orphaned Bear Cub, 23 Years Later They Are Still Living Together

A Giant Piranha Has Been Caught In Congo River, Big Enough To Eat A Crocodile!

Caught On Camera While Humpback Whale Saves Diving Woman From Shark Attack

Orphaned Fawn Finds Her Best Surrogate In German Shepherd

Only Five Still Alive In The World, Rare White Killer Whale Seen Near Alaska.

Sick Baby Leopard Adopted And Raised Up By Lioness Mom As One Of Her Cubs

Mama Gorilla Captured While Cuddling And Kissing Her Newborn Baby

Unhappy Lioness Rebuked Her Male For Playfighting With Her Cubs

Monkey Captured While Giving Mouth-To-Mouth To His Collapsed Brother Like Human

Orphaned Squirrels Could Find Love And Care In Hands Of Mamma Cat

Kind-Hearted Boy Assists Blind Deer On Daily Bases To Find Food Before School

Puppy With Special Needs Wears Helmet To Be Able To Fit With Her Cat Friend

Officer Loses His Job For Rejecting Orders To Kill Two Bear Cubs!

Caught In Video! A Deer Thanked A Cop, Who Removed Debris From Its Horns

Orphaned Kitten Sneaks Under A Mother Cat And Insists On Being Part Of Her Litter

Rather Than Taking Her To The Vet, They Dumped Her With Her Growing Tumors

Good Samaritan Saw Dog With Eyes Bulging Out, Dashed Through Vehicles To Save Him

Owner Laughs At His Dog While Dumping At The Shelter, But His Dog Gets The Last Laugh At The End

Driver Runs Over Pregnant Dog And Ran Away Leaving Her To Struggle In The Bushes

Brutal Man Forced Jug On Her Head As Her Puppy Watched, Threw Them Both Out

13-Year-Old Dog Spent His Entire Life At Shelter, Until Elderly Veteran Took Him In

She Left Her Dog With Her Father, Then Got Best Text Messages From Him During The Day