Baby Elephant Who Lost His Leg To Landmine, Has Been Given Prosthetic Leg

Three legged elephant

Mosha the elephant suffered great tragedy as she lost a leg while climbing a landmine so she became a three-legged elephant. She had trouble walking and the zookeepers decided to do something about it.

They got all the help from an elephant hospital and they were successful in making a prosthetic limb for her that would help her greatly in walking. So, in this way, they gave the elephant a new leg using which she can walk properly.

Getting a new leg

Fae's hospital worked on creating a prosthetic leg for the elephant that would be able to tolerate her massive weight. So, the workers put it on her leg and at first, Mosha didn't know what it was but as she started walking, she understood it.

She got the comfort of walking with four legs again and her expressions say it all. She cannot stop smiling and she thinks that she has regrown her lost leg again as it fits and functions perfectly for her. Watch the video below.

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