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Stray Dog With Spine Injury Seen Dragging His Back Legs Around Seemed All Too Familiar

After 20 Hr Rescue Mission A Giant Sperm Whale Survives To Swim Another Day

FedEx Delivery Driver Finds Missing Dog And Returns It Back To His Owner

Dog Who 'Died' Runs Into Mom’s Arms When She Sees Her At Shelter

Woman Finds A Bucket Of Puppies While Strolling In Woods, And She Picked On By The Neck

Caught On Camera Bald Eagle and Octopus Tangled in Legendary Fight

Family Adopts Blind And Disabled Dog, He Showers Them With Endless Love

When Owner Started Pouring Vinegar Over His Dog's Ears I had No Idea With The Result

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Dog Who Went Missing For Months Couldn't Stop Crying When His Owner Finds Him

7-Year-Old Boy Cries Tears Of Joy When Gets Puppy, Tells Him: I am You Best Friend Now

Former Russian War Dog Changes His Loyalty After Being Saved By Ukrainian troops

6-Week-Old Most responsible Kitten Found Caring For Three Other Newborns

Shelter Dog Shows Best Reaction After Seeing His Family Thought He Lost Them Forever

Forester Feeds Hungry Female Wolf, Two Months Later Three Wolves Thanked Him

Puppy With A Big Injury Abandoned In A Cave With No Food Or Water, But Maggots

The Family Sleeps In Turns With Their Senior Dog To Keep Him Company

Rescuers Save Stray Dog With A Bone Stuck In Its Mouth Keep It Wide Open

Puppy Born With Upside-Down Paws Passes Away In A Heart Attack During Surgery

Police Officers Save Six Puppies Who Runaway From parkway After 'Prison Break'.

Brave Dog Saves His Mom From Mountain Lion Attack

7-Year-Old Boy With Special Appearance Gets Cat From Shelter Is Just As Unique

Stray Dog Finds And Guard Collapsed Blind Elderly Woman By The River

Locals Works Hard To Reunite Mother Dog With Her Puppies After Landslide

Neglected Little Puppy Moves From Poor Life To Become A Queen

6 Helpless Puppies Rescued From Train Tracks With No Sight Of Their Mother

Abandoned Dog Invaded With Ticks Found Tied Up With A Rope

After Years Of Neglect, Puppy Kisses His Rescuer For Giving Him Faith In Humanity Again

Robin Williams Makes Devastated Gorilla Laugh Again, Koko Lost Her Playmate 6 Month Ago

3 Month-Old Giraffe Could Walk Again After Receiving Custom Braces To Fix Legs

Two Gorillas Couldn't Stop Hugging Each Other In A Touching Reunion After 3 Years Apart

Loyal Dog Keeps Waiting At The Same Spot Where He Has Been Abandoned Since Weeks

Owl Who Was Run Over By A Car Can't Stop Hugging Her Rescuer

Tiny Malnutritioned Dog Given Only 6 Months To Live, After 8 Year Barks Like A Duck

Dog Who Was Watching Sister Getting Ear Drops, Thinks He Needs Them Too

Man Introduces His Puppy To Curious Dog After Getting Out Of His Car At Stoplight

Rare White Lioness Gives Birth To Quadruplets Cubs, And They Are Ready To Meet Public

Breeders Dumps “Unsellable” Dog Who In Turn Becomes Huge Star

Donkey Overcome With Emotions After Seeing Girl Who Raised Him

13 Starving Great Dans At Brink Of Death At Breeding Farm Adopted By King Of Thailand

Starving Schnauzer Found Abused And Tied To A Tree On Country Land

Hulk Is 173 Lbs , Might Be The World’s Biggest Pit Bull And He’s Still Growing

Drowning Bear Cub Clings To Boat, The Fishermen Rescued Him Risking It Could Bite Them

Musician Plays Healing Music For Blind Rescue Elephants

In Finland They Cover Reindeer Antlers In Reflective Paint To Avoid Car Accidents

The Only Living Albino Orangutan In The World, Gets Her Own Island To Live In

Ukrainian Police Saves Dog From Rubble And Reunite With His 77-Year Old Owner

Volunteer Carries Cat In Flight From Ukraine to US To Reunite Him With Owner

Dog Fighting Cancer With Three Legs, Jumps In River And Saves Baby Otter

Man Saved Two Abandoned Pit Bulls, They Repaid Him By Saving Him From Assault

LA Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of the Tallest Newborn Baby Giraffe

Pregnant Stray Gives Birth In The Bushes, Tries To Protect Her Puppies Under Heavy Rain

Sick Dying Woman's Wish Is To Find A New Home For Her Beloved Dog

Senior Retired Racehorse And A 58-Year-Old Man Give Each Other A Reason To Live

Rescue Dog Who Was Ignored, Finds Forever Home After Two Years In Shelter

Airline Refused To Carry Marine’s Dogs To New Base, Heiress Steps In With Private Plane

Dog Missing Part Of His Brain Rescued From Being Euthanized And Now Lives Happy Life

Maryland Law Bans Declawing cats And Leaving Pets Outside In Severe Weather

Endangered Red Wolf Cubs Born For The First Time In Four Years in The Wild

Dog Saves His Human Baby Girl's Life After She Stopped Breathing In The Mid Night

Puppy Thrown Out With Trash, Saved By City Employees At The Last Moment

Zoo Keepers Who Stayed To Help Animals During War Found Shot To Death

The Most Senior Dog In Rescue Given A Special Party For His 23rd birthday

Dying Sick Woman Obsessed With ‘Bambi’ Visited By A Real-Life Deer

Family Dog Makes A Very Daring Jump Out Of Window To Escape Burning Home

Family Dog Attacked While Being Out In The Garage, But A Cat Saves The Day

Innocent Puppies Found Dumped Inside A Box Left On The Side Of The Road

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Mom Filmed An Adorable Moment For Her Dog While Taking A Nap With Little Friend

Owner Has To Carry Brody Whenever The Giant Dog Encounters With Something ‘Scary’

Sheepdog Wakes Up Every Day Alone, And Do Some Herding Work By Himself

Cat With Broken Heart Keeps Visiting Her Human's Grave Every Day For A Year

Lioness Rescued While She Was A Cub, Has A Priceless Bond With Her Caretaker

Wild Orangutan Offers A Helping Hand To A Man Who Was Stuck In Mud

Man Risked Jail Time To Save A Dying Bear Cub He Found While Hiking

Crying Dog Found Laying In Puddle Where She Was Unable To Move In Pouring Rain

Man Spot A Starving Dog At Brink Of Death, Covered Him And His Head Popped Up

Dog Shed Real Tears From His Eyes Wondering Why Family Left Him In Shelter

Mom Filmed Her Baby And The Dog While Taking The Most Precious Nap

Mother Tiger Abandoned Her Babies, Then A Golden Retriever Took Action To Help

Devastated Mother Dog Adopts Another Species After Losing Her Own Puppies

Man Rescued A Stray Dog With Almost No Fur And A Big Belly

Homeless Man Drops A Visit To A Dog Every Day To Talk To Him And Become A Daily Routine

Stranger Notices A Little Boy Hugging Some Stray Dogs While On His Way To School

Dog Keeps Waiting For The Man Who Rescued Her All Day To Come Home From Work

Stray Dog Found Hiding Under Tracks Cries When Placed In Car To Be Rescued

Senior Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter With Her Toy

Man Spends Whole Day Outside In Cold Weather To Save Mama Dog And Her Puppies From Pipe

Four Boys Save Starving Dog Found Abandoned And Tied To House With Bungee Cords

Blind Dog Who Was Found Chained For 13 Years Inside Cage, Got Second Chance At Life

Little Boy Refused To Leave Stray Dog Who Was Hit By A Car Until Help Arrives

Blind Pit Bull Gets A Heartwarming Reunion With The Deputy Who Rescued Him

Trophy Hunter Who Used To Hunt Lions And Elephants Gets Eaten By Crocodiles

Puppy With Ugly Mange Chased Away, And Hide Herself Under In A Vehicle Tire In Cold

Pit Bull Assists His Small Blind Friend To Explore The World And Never Let him Down

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Puppy Found Inside A Trash Bag Rescued, And Rescuers Do Their Best To Save Her

Family Refuses To Leave Its Senior Dog Behind, And Carry Her While Fleeing The War

Dog Of Murdered Journalist Found Waiting Outside Her Home To Come Back

Dog At Shelter Sneaks Out Of Kennel And Enjoys Party All Night Long

Woman Rescues Mysterious Canine Outside Her Home, Didn't Know If It Was Dog Or Coyote

Abused Dog Lives Now In Loving Home By The Man Who Saved Him

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Shelter Dog Who Used To Cry In His Kennel All Day, Now Smiles While Sleeping

Neglected Emaciated Dog Lives Alone For 4 Years Long On Chain Tethered To A Tree

Pregnant Dog Dumped During Labor Complications At Shelter, Lost All Her 21 Puppies

Dog With Sealed-Snout Wouldn't Let Rescuers Get Closer But Leads Them Down A Path

Abandoned Baby Polar Bear Filmed Sleeping With Stuffed Animal Which Makes Cute Sounds

Mother Deer Rushes Towards The Sound Of Cries Of Newborn Human Baby

Chained Pit Bull To A Radiator For 6 Months, Found Eating Snow Thinking It's Food

Sick Dog Gathers Her Last Ounce Of Strength To Wag Her Tail When She Sees Rescuers

Depressed German Shepherd Sat Alone In The Mud At The End Of That Chain

Stray Dog Couldn't Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From The Streets

Dog Who Has Been Chained For Whole Of Her Life Finally Can Be A Puppy

Puppy Drags Her Own Blanket Outside, To Help Warming Freezing Stray Dog

Soldier In Duty Overseas Sends His T-Shirt Home, The Dog Goes Crazy When He Smells It

Dog Filmed Begging Owner Not To Abandoned Him, Now He Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail

Dumped Mama Dog Emotionally Reunites With Her Lost Babies In Heartwarming Rescue

Dog Closes His Eyes Peacefully For The First Time, After Spending His Life On Streets

Owner Confused When His Healthy Black Dog Turns To White

Black Dog Starts Victory Dance When He Sees New Puppy Coming Out Of A Box

Rescuers Hearts Sank The Moment They See Wounded Dog On Mattress

Man Nursed Dying Crocodile Back To Health, And They Become Best Friends

Terrified Dogs Left In Cage With Trash On The Sidewalk By Their Mama Who Moved

Abused And Got Deformed By His Owner, Now Looks Unrecognizable After Surgery

Pregnant Elephant Died After Eating Pineapple Stuffed With Firecrackers

Woman Saves Dog Drowning In A River After Being Tied By Its Leash To A Heavy Rock

Woman Filmed While Throwing Her Disabled Dog Out Of Her Car Twice

Owner Passes Away, And Left Her Chained For 5 Years, Wags Her Tail When Meets A Friend

Dog Encounters With 'Twin' In Adoption Event, Begs Her Owners To Adopt Him

Dog Clings To His Dad Who Finally Could Return To Shelter To Get Him Back

She Lost Her Legs By Speeding Train, But She Didn’t Lost Her Resolve To Be A Caring Mom

Monty The Most Overlooked Dog, Spends 7 Years In Kennels And Still No Body Wants To Adopt Him

Baby Deer Thinks German Shepherd Is His Mom, Follows Her For Snuggles

Woman Finds Her Missing Cat After Two Years, Listed on Shelter’s Facebook Page

A Wealthy Man Spent His Fortune To Turn Slaughterhouse To A Dog Sanctuary

Dying Veteran Gets His Final Wish To See His Beloved Dog For The Last Time

Man Pretends To Collapse While Walking His Dog To Record His Dog's Reaction

Dog With Broken Spine, And Her Back Legs Cut Off, Gets A New Chance

Homeless Man Refuses To Give Up His Dog For Much-Needed Surgery And Housing

11-Year-Old Boy Bathes Stray Dogs To Increase Their Chances To Be Adopted

Dog Surrendered Herself On The Ground Imitating Her Owner When Being Arrested

Police Officer Swims Through Freezing Water To Rescue Drowning Dog

Superman Says That His Dog Saved Him From Mental Health Struggles

Police Officer Saves Sloth Who Was Trapped In The Middle Of A Highway

Lion And White Tiger Fall In Love And They Escape The Zoo Together

Dog Who Has Spent Her Life Chained Can Only Walk In Circles

Heartbreaking Scenes For Ukrainian People Clinging To Their Pets During Flee

Tiny Baby Wild Boar Believes That Labrador Retriever Is Actually Her Dad

Girl Filmed Sneaking Into Room To Say Goodnight To Her Dog While Nursing Her Puppies

Dog With Broken Heart Found Waiting For 5 Months For His Owners To Come Back

Couple Rescue An Injured Baby Fox Who Was Crying And Staggering Around Them

Orphaned Baby Bear Enjoys Being Tickled On Her Feet By The Man Who Saved Her

Brave Officer Dives Underwater To Save Trapped Dog Inside Drowning Truck

Homeless Man Filmed While Throwing A Birthday Party For His Dog

Farmer Finds Calf Cow Freezing In The Snow, Put Her In Hot Water Tub To Warm Her

This The Pink Amazon Dolphin – This Beautiful Creature Lives In The River

Chained Starving Dog With Crystal Blue Eyes, Wagged His Tail When Gets Sausages

Dog So Starved To Keep Her Head Up On Her Own, Uses Old Fence To Keep It Up

Aggressive Dog Leans His Head In To Rescuer’s Hand To Feel Love For The First Time

Homeless Man Cries Over The Lifeless Body Of His Dog After Being Run Over

Ugly Puppy Abandoned By His Owner After Being Stung By 1000s Of Bees, Until One Woman Sees His Beauty!

Meet Dusty The Kangaroo Who Believes That He Is A Dog

Sick Dog Too Weak To Play With Other Dogs Adopted By A Donkey

Family Celebrates Christmas Early To Enjoy It With Their Dying Dog For The Last Time

Family Rescue Freezing Piglet From Snow Storm While On Ski Vacation

Dying Sick Dog At Shelter Lifts His Head Up Gives Hope To Vet That He Will Survive

Dog Surrendered To Shelter With Heartbreaking Note From A Kid, Finds New Home

German Shepherd Adorably Tells Grandma How Much She Loves Her

Cute Goose Can't Contain His Excitement Of Joy To See His Human Friend Again

Cat Couldn't Hold Its Excitement When Dog Returns Home After 10 Days Of Waiting

Monkey At China Zoo Grabs A Sharp Rock And Uses It To Break The Glass Enclosure

Bear Who Has Been Trapped In ‘Torture Vest’ For Years, Now Enjoys Swimming

Dog Born With An Extra Mouth Where One Of His Ear Should Be

Pregnant Opossum Unstoppably Clings To The People Who Saved Her Babies

Disabled Lovebird Who Has Been Rejected By His Mom Shows An Amazing Transformation

Naughty Dog Caught Red Handed On The Counter And Shows Cute Reaction When Get Busted

Small Dog Waits Impatiently For His Teddy Bear In To Come Out From Tumble Dryer

Excited Dog Makes A Big Splash In The Swimming Pool While Thinking No One Is Watching

Senior Stray Dog Found Hiding His Body Under A Tree As Kids Bullied Her

Trapped Dog Has Been Spot In The Second-Story Window Of An Abandoned School Building

Woman Approaches Skinny Dog With Chain Which Is Outweighed It And Sees The Owner

Abused Dog Who Has Been Raised In Alabama Goes North And Gets Excited Playing With Snow

Two Old Elephants Who Has Been Apart For 22 Years Have An Emotional Reunion

Loyal Dog Helps His Human To Keep Alive For 20 Hours After Falling Paralyzed In Snow

Puppy Who Has Been Thrown Out At Garbage Dump Lives The Best Life Now

Baby Elephant Keeps Following His Rescuer Wherever She Goes Even To The Couch

Dog Survives From Hurricane Found With Broken Body, Could Now Walk Again With No Pain

Man Saves His Money Up For 10 Years To Buy An Ambulance For Helping Sick Stray Dogs

K9 Dog Couldn't Stop Showering His Partner With Kisses During Photo Shoot

Stray Dog Attend Funeral Of The Woman Who Used To Feed And Take Care Of Them

Giant Great Dane Dog Adopts An Orphaned Kitten As His Own

Rescuers Reach Dog They Think She Is Sleeping, And They Have Tp Pick Her Up Carefully

Three Rottweilers Dogs Found Abandoned With Almost Empty Pool To Drink Out Of

Baby Moose Swept Under The River When He Tries To Follow His Mom

Husky Talks Back Hilariously To His Owner When He Doesn't Get What He Wants

Dog Found Hanging On For Dear Life In A River Receives Helping Hand From Sea Creature

Man Tries To Free Dog After Being Chained All His Life, But The Dog Lunges At Him

Young Dog Rushes After Watching Senior Dog Tumbling Into The Pool

Dog Went Missing After Off-Road Accident, Shows Emotional Reunion With His Mom

Lion Says Heartwarming Goodbye To His Rescuer After 20 Years Together

Mama Gorilla And Mother Woman Bond Over Their Babies In Heartwarming Video

Motionless Stray Found Laying On The Street, Couldn't Hold His Tears After Being Rescued

Stray Trapped In Fence Sheds Tears Begging For Help, But Locals Can't Move Her Body

Caught By Camera The Largest Orca Pod Ever Off The Coast Of Norway

Shy Cheetah Cubs Are Given “Emotional Support” Dogs By Zoo To Overcome Anxiety

Exhausted Mother Dog Found Crying As She Couldn't Look After Her Puppies

Police Officer Saves Donkey From busy Highway, Moves It Inside Patrol Car

Baby Orca Found Stranded And Crying For Many Hours, Saved By Group Of Strangers

Little Boy Waits Every Morning Patiently For His Giant Stingray Friend To Greet Him

Abandoned Dog Found Sitting In A Cage On The Road, Searching With Her Sad Eyes

Cheetah Watches Photographer While Taking A Nap Under A Tree And Decides To Join Him

Herd Of Elephants Rushes To Reunion With Their Favorite Human Who Was Away For 14 Months

Crying Baby Orangutan Raised In A Chicken Cage, Receives Love After Years Of Neglect

Man Kicked A Stray Dog, Then Watches His Car Get Destroyed By That Dog With His Friends

Brave Pit Bull Dies Protecting Two Boys From Poisonous Snake Bite

Woman Emotionally Reunited With Her Dog After Went Missing For 21 Day

Stray Puppy Found Covered By Flea And Suffers From Rotting Worm On His Back

Stray Cat Captured Dragging Friend's Dead Body To Nearby Shelter Asking For Help

Tiger Mother's Instincts Kick In To Save Her Lifeless Twin Cubs, Leaves Caretakers Stunned

Helpless Elephant Mother's Cries, Leads Locals To Save Her Trapped Baby

80-Year-Old Man Dies After Losing His Beloved Dog For 16 Years

Watch This Elephant Falls Asleep Each Time Her Caretaker Sings

Homeless Man And His Injured Dog Receive Christmas Miracle

Scary-Looking Dog Captured Peeking Over The Fence Makes People Uncomfortable

Rescued Puma Which Couldn't Be Released Into The Wild, Living Now As A Spoiled Pet Cat