Walking Dog Passes By A Man Sitting On Bench, Suddenly Recognizes Him

It is known that poodles are one of the sweetest dogs, and this poodle is one them. This sweet poodle, Rave, never misses a chance to say hello to a friend.

Kim Carino, Rave’s owner, went to get her puppy a training last year. A friend of Carino's late brother offered to help Rave in training as he has an experience in dog training. Furthermore, Rave adored the friend in time.

Carino said that Rave loved her trainer so much. The training sessions, that took place once a week in a local park, lasted all summer. However, when Rave eventually graduated, her trainer never left her heart.

After 10 months of the training, Rave went to reunite with her trainer as a special surprise, that was arranged by Carino and the friend.

You can see in the video below that the friend sat quietly on a bench waiting to see if the dog was able to pick him out! Fantastically, Rave knew the friend and picked him out! It was the happiest moment of her life! How emotional!

Watch the video below.

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