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The Little Baby Tries Climbing Into The Dog Bed. What The Dog Does Is TOO Amazing!

Lea the Rhodesian Ridgeback helps little child Alfred when she sees him attempting to move into her doggy bed. Simply watch when she moves the cover for him.

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Puppy Born with One Head and Two Bodies !!

Spider puppy born

This strange looking puppy was born in Tonga in Pacific Ocean and it got viral on the internet in a matter of a few minutes. The weirdest thing is that it had a total of 8 limbs on its body because two bodies are joined together. It is clear that it is a deformation as two puppies have their bodies joined together as they have two sets of legs, teeth and even two tails. It was the black and white puppy that got all the attention because it had 8 limbs and it is the only puppy in the litter to have disabilities.

It was Vukitangitau Maloni from Tonga who took the pictures as soon as the dog was found but it died a few moments later. The whole community was shocked and they saw that the strange dog was struggling to crawl and died a few hours later. That is the usual case because animals with deformations don't get to live long. Let's take a look at the pictures of the puppy with 8 limbs.

The dog was around 12 hour old when she died and it is a pity that she couldn't be saved as her face was all blue which means that there wasn't enough oxygen for her. For those of you who are calling it a photo-shop miracle, it is real and an anonymous animal scientist has confirmed its authenticity.

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A man holds the puppy with 8 limbs and it looks unconscious but it can be seen clearly that it has 8 limbs and it looks really weird. It is probably the strangest looking puppy as it has one face and two bodies joined together with two tails

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The second picture shows the dog from a close view and it can be seen that it is not one but two dogs and their bodies are joined together. The puppy is still unconscious and it is a tragic news that the dog had died only a few hours after its birth.

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The man who took the photos told the media that the puppy died soon after its birth and it is the usual case because most of the puppies with deformations are not able to live for long. It was one of the 5 of her siblings to have deformities and it caught so much attention from the people nearby.

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