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Lady With Birthmarks Similar To Madeleine McCann Claims That She’s The Girl, That Went Missing By Her Family Before 10 Years!

Many new developments have happened about the 3-year-old girl Madeleine McCann. The British girl went missing over 10 years ago while vacationing with her father, Gerry McCann, and her mother Kate McCann, in Portugal.


Over last years, people have spoken about the disappearance of Madeleine, and there is a theory said that her parents killed her by probable medication and neglecting.

Madeleine’s nanny said that this theory wouldn’t have been possible by giving many different reasons.

Many others theories claim that Madeleine was abducted a woman that was standing outside the Ocean Club apartment 90 mins before the girl was reported missing.

So, the authorities followed these theories and recently knew the identity of the woman. She called Luisa, and she was a waitress at a restaurant near where the McCanns stayed, in the Portuguese resort. However, the authorities have not managed to bring the woman for interrogation.

Now, another person gives some new information about the case, after the revealing about the mysterious woman. Actually, she is claiming to be Madeleine, and she has the evidence of that.


A student from Manchester, U.K, called Harriet Brookes claimed that she is Madeleine McCann.

She shares 2 photographic evidence, and sent massages to her friends to back up her claim. 

She wrote in the chat that she does not usually believe in conspiracy theory, but she added that she honestly thinks that she is Madeleine McCann.

 She also shared a photo of her leg and eye to draw attention to the brown spots on them, which Madeleine also has.


She added that she is Madeleine McCann, and she does not what to do with herself.
This conversation went viral and got over 100,000 likes after a friend of Madeleine posted it on Twitter.


However, there is a strong evidence to suspect that Brookes’ claim is false. In addition to that her age is 17, and Madeleine would be around 14 today, Brookes told the Tab that she was just joking, as she loves reading people’s reactions.


Brookes’ joke in so far to be funny, as Madeleine’s case is so serious. The Metropolitan Police and the Scotland Yard have combined about $16,000,000 to extend the investigation to locate Luisa.

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