Adorable Stray Cat Born With 'Yoda Ears' Lives Now Happy Life Surrounded With Love

This story speaks about an adorable kitten who stole everyone's heart at a local vet clinic in Rowan County, North Carolina. The young cat, who was a stray before being rescued, found with an upper respiratory infection and a neck wound.

The adorable kitten, who was directly taken to Cabarrus Animal Hospital to be treated, stole the hearts of the staff as her ears look like Yoda. A veterinary assistant called Jana Aviles said that the cat that was being treated by Doctor Alisha Kidwell, is very affectionate and sweet.

A veterinary technician called Shelby Beers said that the cat, who weighs only 6.5 pounds, is so cute. Shelby also added that no one knows her age but it is believed that she is around one year as she is so small to be an adult.

She also said that the staff gives her the love and care she needed so she would be able to rest comfortably and heal well. The great thing is that the Yoda cat enjoys hanging out with her human friends, she is also eager to be cuddled!

She is so cute and she will surely find a forever home as she is so friendly with humans!

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