Kind Pit Bull Lets Pregnant Stray Cat To Sleep In His Doghouse To Give Birth

This story shows us the incredibility of dogs despite their types or stereotypes. A pit bull called Hades, Juan José P. Flores’ dog, would always see his owner feeding a stray cat wandering around.

One day, Juan found a cat inside Hades’ doghouse, he went there after hearing a lot of noise from his pit bull. Actually, the dog let the cat in as she was going into labor!

It is obvious that Hades let the stray cat come inside to have a quiet place to deliver he kittens. The dog even closed the door with a blanket and stayed outside to protect her!

Soon after, the cat gave birth to 2 healthy kittens. So, the owner took them inside, and notices that Hades continued to take care of them. Juan said that he is planning to find forever homes for the cats. How adorable!

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