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Meet The Grown Man Who Lives His Life As A Domesticated Dog

We all have hobbies and although some are more unusual than others, many say they are still valid. But what would happen if your hobby dressed up as the best friend of a gourmet Dalmatian?

There seems to be a whole community of people, that want to hire a dog character. They are dressed in custom-made costumes and live on all fours, tied to a chain.

One of those brave and courageous followers is Tom Peters, 32-year-old man, who appeared on The Morning's British television program. During the show, Peter's "Spot" talked about his special tendency to dress like a pup, and also played the role.

He says his dog suit helps him to hire a pup for which he is fully committed.

Come Spot tries to live life as a cute pup in the most authentic way and not too small. For this, he sleeps in a cage, crawls and eats dog biscuits in a bowl.

It is very different from his life outside the dog costume while working as a light and theater technician.
He appeared in the series to raise awareness of his more unique lifestyle and to eliminate some misconceptions that people might have about those adopting alternate identities.
"People find it sad and nobody should see it," Tom said. "But we're not here to cause a catastrophe, we're here to literally be treated like a pup and to have fun."

Tom continued, "It's not a sexual thing, it's a lifestyle, it's just an escape." Escape the money and hectic lifestyle we have. "

However, he suggested that this could be a "catalyst" and a "head start" for other things. "Because you relax, you can become a pup and bring something into the room," he added.

And guess what a human companion - like any other domestic dog - has in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Watson.
While Rachel confessed that the couple had stopped drawing in 2008 because of Tom's bizarre lifestyle, he insisted they were "best friends." He added that they were closer now than in a relationship.

He also admitted that he watched "The Secret Life of the Human Pups”, a documentary, six times in which Tom had helped learn much more about Tom and why he and others like him did what they did. And that helped him to understand people.

Well, for most people in the world, I think it takes more than just documentary on TV to really understand a hobby that the average man and woman would be unthinkable.

But again in the words of Spot the dog: "We play role-playing in our childhood, why cannot we do it as an adult?" Why not, spot, why not?

Suppose that dressing up and behaving like a pup brings some joy and purpose to Tom, so who should we judge? In addition, there are many things people will do with their immortal love for dogs. Things that for most of us might raise the question of how much we are committed to our dogs to real dog lovers.

For example, have you heard of Instagram users of Topherropie? Assign photos of him and his dog wearing exactly the same to your Instagram account. If this relationship between the pet and the owner is somewhat in common, dogs can be more than man's best friend, they are basically our twin. Watch the video above to have more information.

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