Man Wrongfully Accused Spent 38 Years In Prison, Leaves It With Puppy He Raised

Have you ever thought about staying in jail for a month for a crime you do not commit?! How do you feel?! That’s exactly what happened with Malcolm Alexander, who was forced to spend more than 38 in jail for a crime he did not commit!

But when he finally went home, he was able to to bring the dog he helped raise in jail home with him with the help of Innocence Project.

Malcolm was innocent in 2018 after being sentenced in 1980 when he was 21 years old! He was then able to reunite the black Labrador Retriever, called Innocent, he raised in the jail!

Malcolm has also reunited with his grandson, son (both named Malcolm after him), and his 82-year-old mama. Malcolm also said that he is not angry now about being wrongfully jailed, but he was before 38 years. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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