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Man Beats Tiny Yorkie to Death for Vomiting in His Car!

A Florida security guard has been arrested after cops say he beat a tiny Yorkshire terrier to death.
What's more, Miami Beach police allege Sigman Hernandez abused the dog--which weighed less than 10 pounds--in a fit of rage brought on when the animal vomited in his car.

The Yorkie was found the night of April 7 in a parking garage next to a Publix grocery store by an employee who thought it was dead.
According to a police report, officers responded to the scene and found the dog still breathing, but with her abdomen badly swollen. 
As officers rushed the dying dog to an emergency veterinary clinic, she would occasionally "moan in pain" according to the police report.
An X-ray revealed the dog had seven broken ribs on just one side, with more broken on the other.
Vets told police that the dog, who authorities would nickname Lily, had bloodshot eyes and thoracic swelling that indicated she had also been choked.
Lily clung to life for two days, but vets were not able to save her.

Police say they identified Hernandez from surveillance footage they say shows him pulling into the garage at Publix, where he was working as a security guard.
On Wednesday, Hernandez turned himself in to police, who say he confessed to "slapping and possibly choking his dog because she had vomited in his car," according to a police report.
Cops say Hernandez also admitted to removing the dog from his car and abandoning her in the parking garage.
He faces a charge of animal cruelty and bonded out of jail Thursday morning.
As he left jail, WKMG asked Hernandez if he'd injured his dog.
Hernandez replied, "No." 

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