Labradoodle Follows Kids To School, Then Family Receives His Photo In Principal’s Office

This story speaks about a Labradoodle called Sandy, Karen Manthey’s family’s dog has always been very close to them since he was just a puppy. The cute dog always follows his family members around as he just wants to know what everyone is doing.

He also tries to follow the children to school all the time, but every time he is taken back home before getting too far. But one day the unexpected thing happened!

Sandy was able to reach the school as the family was a little more distracted than usual! The funny moment was that the dog ended up in the office of the principal! The scene was hilarious, so, one of the staff members took a photo of Sandy and sent it to Karen. As her phone was not on, the school staff let one of the kids to walk Sandy back home as they live so close.

When Karen saw the message “I know not every labradoodle is yours, but is this your dog?”, she felt embarrassed and went to the school to apologize. But the good thing was that the staff members just laughed at the whole situation! They also told Karen that they should be aware of a situation like this again. How hilarious!

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