Home Depot Hires Cute Dog As An Official Employee

This story speaks about Heaven, a great dog who was rescued by the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter. At first, the dog was so scared, but she is now wagging her tail all the time.

Jackie Rackers, who adopted Heaven, said her story of turning into a happy dog from a timid dog by the trips to Home Depot, the place that she became an employee at. Jackie said that they started going for 5 minutes to The Home Depot so she could get all the treats.

He also added that they then started going for longer and longer which increased her trusts in herself and the number of treats she got. Actually, Heaven was well-behaved every time they visit the Home Department, according to Jackie.

He added that when she sees that they are approaching the parking lot she becomes so happy. Everyone at Home Depot loves her and loves seeing her in the store. That was the turning point in Heaven's life as she was officially hired as an employee in the store.

Jackie said that she becomes the happiest the dog in the world after being miserable and scared. She also has more than 8000 followers on her Instagram profile, Heaven Is A Dog. What a turnaround!

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