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A Pet’s Owner Left His Dog In The Car. Now THIS Is Going Viral For An Important Reason

Authorities get hundreds of calls each summer concerning pets left alone in hot cars. Many good people walking by these cars have broken windows to save dogs, and it is illegal in many situations. A passerby can watch the animal die from heat exhaustion in order to preventing charges for the broken window. 


Lawmakers in California would like to change the existing law in hopes to avoid confrontations and tragedies like what happened in the video above by allowing people to break the window to save a distressed dog. One owner left a note in his car’s window to warn people not to break it. "The A/C was on and the dog had water. That went viral sparked debate about breaking a window.

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A devoted and loyal lieutenant of an old and disabled woman

This is the story of Gene, an old and disabled woman who moves around a wheelchair, and her loyal lieutenant, Gizmo. When you watch this video, you will be stunned at the way the dog helps this old lady every day. Their relationship is truly amazing and there is no limit to what this dog can do for her.

Gene Guiraud is dependent on the wheelchair to move around. Mobility is of a great concern for her in her daily life. Gizmo is a truly outstanding service dog who is keen on helping this lady in every facade of the daily functions.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has defined service animals, particularly dogs, to perform tasks for a disabled person. Any breed could be taught to be a service dog. You will mostly come across German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers filling in this slot but in this case, Gizmo is a tiny Corgi. She is fully capable of hard labor, being stout; she is extremely committed to the role she has to play in Gene Guiraud's life.

Gizmo helps Gene in performing various activities ranging from shutting and opening doors, fetching newspapers, taking her out to do shopping and picking things for her from the lower shelves in the market when she identifies any merchandise. There is nothing that Gizmo will refuse. Gene does not know how lucky she is to have Gizmo as her trusted lieutenant.

Service dogs go through an in-depth training regimen before they are placed into the service of disabled people. They perform specific behavior on cue. These dogs will respond to all kinds of sounds, ranging from knocks at the door to doorbells, oven timers, alarm clocks, telephone or the mere mention of a person's name.

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