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A Pet’s Owner Left His Dog In The Car. Now THIS Is Going Viral For An Important Reason

Authorities get hundreds of calls each summer concerning pets left alone in hot cars. Many good people walking by these cars have broken windows to save dogs, and it is illegal in many situations. A passerby can watch the animal die from heat exhaustion in order to preventing charges for the broken window. 


Lawmakers in California would like to change the existing law in hopes to avoid confrontations and tragedies like what happened in the video above by allowing people to break the window to save a distressed dog. One owner left a note in his car’s window to warn people not to break it. "The A/C was on and the dog had water. That went viral sparked debate about breaking a window.

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They Moved And Left Their Dog Behind, Tied Up In The Cold Without Food. So He Ate Metal To Survive

Left without food or water

This is a heartbreaking story all the way from Detroit, Michigan about a dog named Tad. His owners were so careless and cruel that they left him tied in their backyard without any food or water. What happened is that his family had moved out to a new house just around Christmas but it proved to be too painful for him.

He was just about to starve to death when the rescuers arrived and it was a close call. Shockingly, Tad had to eat scrapes of metal in order to battle starvation and survive. As a result, he started bleeding internally and needed blood transfusions. There was a blockage in his intestines and his condition was absolutely abysmal. Thankfully, the rescuers arrived just in time and he was given treatment and he has started the journey to perfect health which will take some time.

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