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A Pet’s Owner Left His Dog In The Car. Now THIS Is Going Viral For An Important Reason

Authorities get hundreds of calls each summer concerning pets left alone in hot cars. Many good people walking by these cars have broken windows to save dogs, and it is illegal in many situations. A passerby can watch the animal die from heat exhaustion in order to preventing charges for the broken window. 


Lawmakers in California would like to change the existing law in hopes to avoid confrontations and tragedies like what happened in the video above by allowing people to break the window to save a distressed dog. One owner left a note in his car’s window to warn people not to break it. "The A/C was on and the dog had water. That went viral sparked debate about breaking a window.

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This Bear Was Hanging Under The Bridge, And About To Fall Down. You Will Never Guess How It Got Rescued!

A bear was spotted hanging on for dear life under a bridge in California. He was trying to cross a road on this bridge when it got scared of the oncoming traffic and impulsively started climbing atop the guardrail. The bear slipped but managed to grab the support beam somehow. It was found trapped, almost a hundred feet in the air.

Thanks to the presence of mind of Robert Brooks, an officer with the Truckee Animal Control. He took swift action along with his partners to help the struggling bear. The bear was trying to hand on desperately to a support beam. It was also trying to move slowly to its side, trying to climb down by the arch side. Brooks and his team arranged to get a large net all the way from Nevada so that it could hold the weight of this bear. The net came in time and they managed to rig it with pulleys and ropes with the help of people who volunteered at that spot. The next thing they did was to shoot the bear with a tranquilizing dart. When the dart started to take its effect, one of the officers from the team came down slowly through the help of a harness and moved the bear safely into the submerged net, before it was brought down to the ground. What a relief it must have been for the bear and this brave and quick thinking team!

Terrified and stuck under the bridge.

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He couldn't stand still and was moving trying to get down

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Local animal rescue team setup a big net under the bridge

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Local animal rescue team tied the net with ropes with the assistance of volunteers passing by the bridge

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Then the rescue team shoot the bear with tranquilizer dart.

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They moved the net down softly to the ground

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The bear now is safe to walk away

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