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See what's happening at hummingbird dinner and you will have your jaws dropped

Utterly amazed

This is guaranteed that by the time this video ends, you will be completely shocked at the absolute beauty this video has to offer. The video starts with an amazing view of the sun setting and overlooking a river with a hummingbird feeder in the foreground. Then comes the entry of the two hummingbirds at the sugar water who are ecstatic to enjoy their dinner at such a beautiful place.


Just as time passes, the buzzing of their flapping wings increases and there comes a third darling little hummingbird. Just as a few seconds pass, there comes the frenzy of intense flock of these beautiful and majestic birds, flapping their wings at more than 70 times per second speed. They need a lot of sugar to keep up their pace and fast and furious lifestyle. The man who feeds them deserves huge credit as he feeds them pounds and pounds of sugar every week in order to keep them coming to this place.

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