Woman Lets Parakeet Bird Play With An Egg From Grocery Store, Then The Egg Hatches Cute Chick

Chances are, you never consider where a dozen eggs come from when you pick them up at the store. Mostly, the only thing on your mind is your next Sunday breakfast, right?

When YouTube user Luna Angel went to the grocery store and saw some quail eggs for sale, she instantly thought of her pet parakeet Pi-chan. On a whim, she bought the eggs, brought them home, and gave one to her bird just to see what would happen.

Shortly after, when Luna checked on Pi-chan, she was shocked. It wouldn’t be long before she’d realized the miraculous reason behind what she saw

You Tuber user Luna Angel didn’t know what her parakeet, Pi-chan, would do when she placed a quail egg that she had purchased at the grocery store inside of her bird’s cage. Very quickly, however, she discovered something special about her bird…

She possessed quite the maternal instinct! Pi-chan immediately sat on the egg, even though it was obvious that it wasn’t her own. That wasn’t the only surprise, however. Since most eggs purchased at the grocery store are not fertilized, Luna was shocked when the egg actually hatched.

Understandably, Luna couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was a real—and totally adorable—baby quail. Luna wasn’t sure what to do next; sure, she was experienced with caring for birds, but she’d never raised a baby quail before!

That said, Luna wasn’t about to give up and break poor Pi-chan’s heart. So she got to work learning everything there was to learn about how to care for a newborn quail. She was certainly ready for the challenge.

Quails like this one usually live only three to five years in the wild. However, with the appropriate care and living a relatively stress-free domesticated life, a pet quail is able to live up to 10 whole years! That’s a long time.

Unlike other birds, quails are born pretty much ready to chase after their parents and begin eating whatever they can find. This made Luna’s job just a little easier than it would have been otherwise.

Look at this adorable ball of fluff! Can you imagine if someone besides Luna had purchased this particular batch of quail eggs? That would be a story with a very different kind of ending. Thank goodness Luna found him!

Luna found caring for this baby quail to be a lot less stressful than she anticipated. After only a couple of days, the tiny chick began to flourish and both Pi-chan and Luna were over the moon to welcome the new addition to their home.

The sounds quails make are nothing like the calls of other birds out there. They are much more likely to produce clicking and grunting noises then they are to produce a beautiful song. This made the quail quite the companion for a songbird like Pi-chan!