Dog Caught Dragging His Bed Over To Comfort His Sick Doggy Brother

“Dogs are man’s best friend”, this truth is known by all people, but have you ever thought that dogs can be best friends to each other?!

This story proves that as an 8-year-old dog called Roman, and a 6-year-old dog called Spanky show us that friendship has no limits.

They do everything together from playing sleeping and even eating. Actually, when one leaves, the other scratches the door howling.

So, when Roman was diagnosed with ear problems, his owners decided to put a camera to keep an eye on him the entire time. It was obvious that Spanky was very worried about Roman.

You can know that when the owner’s sister, Jackie Rogers, shared the most adorable moment between the 2 dogs on TikTok and Facebook, and it gained more than a million views since it was shared.

You can see in the video that Spanky drags his bed towards Roman to snuggle on it together to let him feel more comfortable and supported.

We all wish that Roman will be healthy soon. b

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