Deaf Pit Bull Cries After His Friend Got Adopted, Now Receives The Best News Ever

This story speaks about a poor called Marshmallow, who became all alone at the shelter after her best doggy friend, Scooby, was adopted this past April.

The both dogs became best friends and never left each other’s sides at the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption shelter in Kansas! But everything changed when Scooby was adopted and Marshmallow was not!

So, the shelter decided to help Marshmallow by sharing a video of her crying while holding her stuffed toy. They wrote that Marshmallow is so sad and confused after Scooby, her best friend, was adopted.

They also added that she was adopted twice, but unfortunately, she’d been returned! So, she is in real need of a forever home to feel loved and cared.

Thankfully, Marshmallow was finally adopted by a kind family after meeting many families, who were interested in adopting her. The good thing was that she will never have to struggle again as her new family loves her so much. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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