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Brutal Man Coaxed Cat Closer To Him Then Kicked Him Into The Black Sea.

We heard about the kind people who were comforting some stray stray animals during the heavy, cold storm in Turkey. But, this story is about a monster person, who kicks an innocent kitty into the ocean.

The clip, that was posted by Sirin Babaa, is actually from 2016. Regardless of the video, nothing has been done to the evil man. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened to the poor kitten. The Black sea’s waters were too icy and cold.

Turkey should improve their laws about animal abuse. Watch the video to see what the monster does with the innocent cat.

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Animal Cruelty : Puppy was suspended from his skin on a clothesline and emaciated

Animal Cruelty : Suspended puppy 

This animal cruelty incident happened in Philippine when a teenager named Jerzon Senador suspended an adorable little puppy from its skin. This incident got recorded on the internet and sparked a huge outrage as the owner was too proud of this incident that he even posted the pictures on the internet. Animal lovers from around the world gathered to get the justice delivered to the abused puppy. The named the campaign as 'Jerzon Senador the Animal Abuser" and they called for him to be prosecuted.

Public apology

The mission of this campaign was to make him apologize publicly and they succeeded in that when the owner issued a public apology. He got dozens of angry messages on Facebook and he literally begged for forgiveness and also removed the pictures from the page as a way to make up for his mistakes. However, his public apology was not enough as he was faced with a case filed against him by PAWS.

As a result, In April 2012, the Municipal Trial Court of Calamba issued a warrant of his arrest. When police came to his house, his parents told that they didn't know of his whereabouts. When found, he will be faced with 6 months to 2 years of jail and/or fine of P1,000 to P5,000.

Do you think this is enough for such animal cruelty case ?

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