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cat walks her dogs

Cute Cat Walks Her Dogs. I'm Gonna Faint!

Rosie has turned into a major web sensation. Not on account of she strolls so pleasantly on a chain but since SHE LOVES IT! Each and every time her people inspire prepared to walk their canines, she's excited to run with them. Appears as though Rosie is an official pack part. SO CUTE!
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The Dog Who Lived the Life of Misery and Pain, Is Finally About To Life of Her Dreams

Dog got her puppyhood back in epic way
This is the story of a female dog Violet, the dog was rescued back in December of 2016, the dog was chained very badly as you can see by yourself in this footage that how badly Violet was being changed. She has lived the miserable life for so many years.

Back in Miguel County, New Mexico, Violet and five other dogs had been found in chained while it is against the law to chain the dogs in Miguel County. But thanks to the lady who called Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico and the county sheriff. Timely action has saved the life of those 6 poor souls.
Stell, who saved the life of these poor dogs is the director of NMDOG, has the mission to remove this brutal act from Miguel County. She is real example for all of us. 

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