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cat walks her dogs

Cute Cat Walks Her Dogs. I'm Gonna Faint!

Rosie has turned into a major web sensation. Not on account of she strolls so pleasantly on a chain but since SHE LOVES IT! Each and every time her people inspire prepared to walk their canines, she's excited to run with them. Appears as though Rosie is an official pack part. SO CUTE!
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A donkey stranded in a flood is rescued and he uses a unique way to thank the rescuers

Dangerous storm Desmond

It was surely a dangerous storm that swept through the UK and led chaos into the country. Thousands suffered because of it and the world could see the actual effects of the storm because of reporter Teresa Mannion's risky but brave coverage. She fought through the clearly dreadful weather and warned the viewers to not hit the roads and not to swim in the sea. Just then they saw a donkey stranded in a flooded area near Irish town of Killorglin.

Donkey rescue

Fortunately, the owner of the donkey is a kindhearted man who called Ireland's Animal Heaven Animal Rescue. Mike Fleming is surely a brave soul who offered his help in such dangerous circumstances. He fought against the currents and tied the donkey to a rope in order to get him out of the water. The donkey made it even more difficult as he tried to go against them and under water but he stopped resisting when the currents hit him. When they took him to the land, the couldn't stop laughing and smiling to show how happy he is to be alive.

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