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cat walks her dogs

Cute Cat Walks Her Dogs. I'm Gonna Faint!

Rosie has turned into a major web sensation. Not on account of she strolls so pleasantly on a chain but since SHE LOVES IT! Each and every time her people inspire prepared to walk their canines, she's excited to run with them. Appears as though Rosie is an official pack part. SO CUTE!
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Dog Refuses To Go To Bed Unless She Gets Her Lullaby

Parents know that some kids need a lullaby to sleep for some others bedtime story is more effective. It is not a bad thing, but the bad thing is that when they get used to this routine, it is hard to go to bed without it.

The video above is just the same, it is about an adorable pit bull, who refuses to sleep without her lullaby. So, her dad starts singing her lullaby, and you can see her falling asleep then. Watch the video above to have more information.
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