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Cute Cat Walks Her Dogs. I'm Gonna Faint!

Rosie has turned into a major web sensation. Not on account of she strolls so pleasantly on a chain but since SHE LOVES IT! Each and every time her people inspire prepared to walk their canines, she's excited to run with them. Appears as though Rosie is an official pack part. SO CUTE!
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A Dog Was Taken to the Woods by Two Men but the Policeman Noticed Some Distress

Little Pup Saved by a Cop
It is very common for many people to keep pets and when they are done with their care and the pups are growing older they plan to kill them or throw them in the garbage. This is something ridiculous but most of the people nowadays are adopting this approach a lot. Well, here in this story as well we are encountering the same situation where an older female dog was subjected to be killed but a policeman arrived at the right time.

The policeman was doing his job of patrolling and on way realized that two men were taking a dog out of their vehicle and they were moving towards the woods with a loaded rifle. However, as soon as the policeman followed them and inquired about their reason to be here, they lied. They said that they are here to bury a dog but since the coffin was empty they were caught.
One of the men among them actually confessed that since the dog is now getting older they have planned to kill it and bury her; the policeman charged the men and took the custody of dog. This dog was then sent to a rescue shelter and is now waiting for a new home with a healthy soul and body with great hope.

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