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This Is Why You Should Leave A Spoon Of Sugar Water In Your backyard When Leaving Home

Many people actually do not know many things about bees, they also think that they just disturb our lovely picnics and bother us. But actually, they are the real reason of being alive!

They are actually the responsible for feeding 90 percent of the world’s population! David Attenborough, author and zoologist, wrote on Facebook that if all the bees die, there will be no human on earth after just 4 years!
He also added that the bee population has dropped 33% in the last 5 years, he said that we can help these bees to grow more and more. He advised people to mix water and sugar in a spoon and leave it in the backyard to help saving your life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Woman Found Mother Cat And Two Kittens Dumped In Cardboard Box

When Margie Morris who works as the director of Project Purr Animal Rescue, which was built to save cats and take care of them, arrived at work on Thursday, and saw two cardboard boxes left in front of the door, there were too many holes in them.

The first thing came to Morris’ mind is that there was an animal inside each box, she walked towards them and opened the first box, it wasn’t a shock when Morris saw a mother cat and two 5-week-old kittens, but she felt very sad, then she opened the second box and there was nothing inside it, there might have been a cat that escaped.
Later on that day, people saw a cat walking in the parking lot, but she ran away when people tried to catch her, Morris thought she was the mother of the two kittens.
The team who is taking care of the cats, named the mother cat Caroline while they called the two kittens Neil and Shilo, and they put some food in the parking lot to seduce the other cat to come back in order to get her back to her children if she was really their mother.
The family fit together very well, but the mother cat wasn’t their real mother as Morris noticed she was pregnant, and after awhile, she had four cute babies!.
Love your pets people, and they will grant you happiness.

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