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The Top Ten Expensive Dog Breeds

While owning dogs can be a bit fun, some make it as a matter of their status. Besides that, there are more than a few things to consider when looking for a dog and some of us might be dead-set on some of the breeds, others can choose freely.

A lot of factors get involved in determining the price and worth of the dog which include toys, kennels, food, healthcare and more. Most of the people ignore the fact that the health problems affect the dogs' lives. Below, we have compiled a list of top 10 most expensive dogs to own, considering a number of factors.

English Bulldog

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They are getting more and more famous with the time and one English Bulldog can cost you $3000. To add to their cost, they have dozens of health related problems so you have to pay extra trips to veterinarian. This means that extra trips to the vet are going to lighten up your wallet and diseases like eye and heart problems, cancer, elbow dysplasia and more could happen to the Bulldogs. This is the reason why the bulldogs do not live longer than 8 to 18 years

German Shepherd Dog

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There is no doubt in the fact that they are one of the most popular breeds but the least healthy of them all. To add to the problems, they have cancer, gastrointestinal problems and more so they get pretty expensive on the whole. Additionally, a well-bread German shepherd is also very hard to find and costs around $2500. Their health problems are the sole reason why lesser dogs of their breeds are used in police and military etc.

French Bulldog

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French bulldogs have a lot in common with their English counterparts. They too have a number of ailments in them that make their cost shoot the sky for an average earner. Also, their cost becomes really high with the addition of veterinary bills over the time.

Chow Chow

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This is one of the oldest breeds that we found today and it is Chinese. They are known as the multi-purpose working dog and are very good at hunting and guarding. Their breed is really old so they have developed sensitivities to a number of diseases with the time. It’s not only the flea infestations that they are prone to but diabetes and autoimmune disease also make the life of the owner worse. To add to that, they also require periodic grooming and care to make sure that they don’t get matted hair and skin diseases. So if you’re going to purchase a Chow chow, the onetime purchase price will be a thing to consider besides the medical bills that you are going to take care of.

Tibetan Mastiff

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Who doesn’t like large scary looking dogs acting as guardians? They have thick skin coats and are not prone to diseases like the other breeds. However, some allergies and sensitivities are to be taken care of. Eye conditions, hypothyroidism, cancer and weaknesses are some of them. Frequent and periodic grooming and checkups will be too costly if you haven’t had a dog like this before.

Irish Wolfhound

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You guesses it right as they are the largest existing breed found nowadays. You must have seen them in a number of movies and cartoons too so keep in mind that their diet will be too big and cost high. Even the most typical and simple ailments and checkups are going to cost you a handsome amount of money. The worst thing is that they are more prone to the disease than the smaller dogs.

Great Dane

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This is also a large looking breed and they cost like that too. Similarly, they need more food, medication and boarding costs etc. This will be a vital factor to consider before buying them. Hip and elbow dysplasia and allergies are more common in great danes than the other breeds. However, they are loyal and faithful dogs known for their strong bonds with the humans. That’s why they are also referred to as the heartbreak breed.


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Known to be one of the most protective and dangerous breed but they can be equally friendly and playful. Adult Rottweilers are usually expensive to buy and their cost of breeding is considerably high. They are also prone to a number of diseases such especially cancer and this costs a fortune to the owner. Eye and cardiac issues are other problems to add to the worries of the owners. There is no doubt that this breed can be lovely and faithful but they are also very costly to breed.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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Not as famous as the other breeds mentioned in this article but they are really friendly and playful and less prone to the diseases as the other dogs. But they can be expensive in a sense that their ears need special treatment to remove bacteria and stay safe from infections. Also, this breed reports three times as musculoskeletal problems as any other breed. It is because of these reasons that these dogs have a shorter lifespan

Basset Hound

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They are known for their unique shape as they have short legs and a big body. They are also known as dwarf dogs but are treated as large dogs and this means that they have similar sensitivities and disease as big dogs. Bloat is the most common condition in bassets and they also get eye infection quite a lot. This can be a considerate factor in determining their worth.

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