The Saddest Dog In The World Finds His Forever Home

The amazing adoption

Not so long ago, this story came to the surface about a dog named Lana in North America and she got famous because of her incredibly sad expressions. Lana is originally from Mexico but she was rescued and brought to Canada and was placed with a foster family. The interesting thing about Lana is that despite the fact that she herself is devastated but she did influence thousands around the world to help homeless and abandoned dogs and focus more on the rescue of dogs.


The new owner of Lana said that it means so much to her and that Lana loves it when the owner rubs her belly. She gets up full of energy in the morning and she greets the owner like she has seen them for the first time. There was this instance that she snapped at her foster mom so she was returned to the rescuers. However, it was just instinctive and she finally got a forever happy home where she is enjoying life to its fullest and is loved by her owner.


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