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Stray Dogs Were Alone At Bus Station In Freezing Weather, Then They Got Warm Beds

There are many kind people who always help stray dogs in many ways. This story speaks about a group of these people, who work in a bus station in Brazil, and came up with a unique idea to help stray dogs.

They transformed car tires into comfortable beds for dogs, by bringing old blankets and bedspreads. The employees named the dogs, Zoinho, Pitoco, and Max. Thankfully, they now get water and food, and blankets. How smart! Watch the video above to have more information.
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Dog spotted on Google Maps Got Rescued

There is always a New Sunshine

The presence of the dogs on the streets is a common one, but it doesn't separate them from the usual pets, they also deserve the best. Despite of living on the streets, relaying on food being found here and there, these dogs need care, love and timely medication as well. However, all it takes is a genuine heart which could rescue these animals and provide them the right direction to spend the rest of their lives like it happened with Sonya.

New Beginning!

Google street view was a perfect locator which helped the rescue team find Sonya; however, catching up with it was not a piece of cake. The parking lot was a savior in this case and helped the team in order to rescue. However, later on after the rescue Sonya was offered with a cleaning service by way of a hair trim and a bath which made the wounds on the body visible. The injuries on the body of Sonya were visible enough and led to the surgical procedures. After the surgery and relevant medications Sonya was adopted by a loving family and the new beginning in its life took a nice start.

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