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Starving Dog Found Abandoned In A Cage, Transforms Into A Beautiful Pup

This story speaks about a 3-year-old dog called Dice, who had been locked in a crate outside an apartment in a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some children called the authorities, and told them about him.

The police officer went to the scene, and saw the poor Pit Bull mix, with any water or food! Thanks to the kids, who did the right things that led Dice to make it! The officers thought that the dog stayed for more than a week without anything to eat!


The officers contacted animal control who came and took Dice to a local shelter. The cofounder of Feeling Fine Rescue, Tracy Godin, heard about the dog and took him to the veterinarian the next day.
They told her that Dice was 35 pounds underweight, and he needed to be at least 65 pounds! Thankfully, he had reached it in less than 2 weeks, and he was also adopted by a nice family! Watch the video above to have more information.
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Police Officer Calmed Down Nervous Dog

In an interesting event of dog adoption, a police officer adopted a dog which was considered to be a dangerous and violent one. The Baltimore police officer found this apparently vicious dog on the street when it was terrorizing the people. The dog was actually an affectionate pit bull that was nervous and neglected. It was abandoned by its owner and it is so nervous that it was out of control. When the police officer, Dan Waskiewicz came close to the dog, it started licking him with love and affection. The policeman was a dog lover by nature and he was against dog abuse.

The policeman was concerned that if the dog was picked by the dog pound team, it will be put to sleep and thus he kept the dog with himself. When no one turned up for the next few days, the officer started taking care of the dog with his other two dogs. The dog was still quite nervous but with time it gained back its real nature. The kind action of the policeman got him a certificate of appreciation. It is often heard that police officers deal with dogs in a different manner but in this case, the officer waited and dealt the matter with care.

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