Retired Police Officer Begs To Keep His K9 dog

Retired Police Officer Begs To Keep His K9 dog

hen Matt Hickey retired as a Marietta, OH, police officer, he had one wish: for his K-9 companion Ajax to come home with him.

After serving together for four years, the two were like family (much like Officer Ryan Davis, who was distraught when his pooch was killed in the line of duty).

Unfortunately, while Officer Hickey was due for retirement (he served on the force for more than 30 years), Ajax had some more time to go. The pooch was to be auctioned off to a complete stranger because of state law.

'Officer Hickey came in when he retired and wanted to buy the dog right then, but we couldn't do it," Marietta Mayor Joe Matthew told NBC News. 'It's impossible. I would have loved to, but the state law won't allow us."

Hickey made his dismay public and the community agreed. Strangers began donating to a GoFundMe page set up to keep Hickey and Ajax together. It raised over $70,000.

And then something incredible happened


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