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Owner Wakes Up And Couldn't Find His Dentures, Then Looks At His Dog And Cracks Up

This story proves that dogs can also be so funny with us, okay, they can create messy, hilarious situations, and be naughty, but they actually live to be funny.

This little pup called Maggie lives with Eunice, her owner, and her owner’s dad in Long Island, NY. Maggie loves playing with toys, barking at fun-size animals that get to visit her yard, and snuggling in the sun.
One day, Eunice’s father took some hilarious photos for Maggie, and sent them to his daughter, who died in laughter and decided to share them online with people. The photos show Maggie having her father’s dentures over her teeth! How hilarious! Watch the video above to have more information.
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Playing prank with the animals can sometimes turn out to be costly and this has been shown in this funny video. Here, the master plays a prank with a stuffed teddy bear but the dog becomes so scared that it defecates on the carpet out of the fear. Now, that is going to create problem for the master for sure. The dog is shown a big and scary teddy bear from another room. First of all, it goes slowly to it but when it notices that the bear is moving, it runs here and there, and in the end, goes for no two on the carpet.


The video that runs for 1 minutes and 3 seconds is a fast moving one with clear view of the dog and the teddy. It was just a prank that the masters wanted to play with their dog but all went wrong when the dog does something that was not expected by them. The video was really funny as you can see the expression of the dog throughout it. It is a real video and the action of the cute dog is quite real in the funny video. The teddy bear also looks good in the video. 

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