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Old Woman Nearly Dies When Great Shark Smashes Headfirst Into Glass Tank!

A woman was filmed walking inside a nice blue aquarium wishing to see some nice fish. She saw a huge whale comes past her, and she looks in astonishment at the huge mammal. But the huge humpback whale swims away and she is left with an empty tank.

Her naughty grandchild asks her to tap on the window to take the attention of another whale, but she gets the attract of another creature!
A bid, ferocious shark rushes towards the glass, and crushes into it, leaving a big crack.

The terrified grandma throws herself to the ground to be saved. While her naughty grandchild can’t stop laughing!

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Emotional reunion of mother goat with her baby is just so adorable

Parental care

No parent can ever imagine losing their baby as it is just heartbreaking for them and life seems to be stopped. Such thing happened to this mother goat whose baby pygmy was stolen by someone from Arizona State Fair petting zoo. GusGus was the name of the baby that was less than a month old who wouldn't even survive without her mother's milk. Animal rights activists started a social media campaign on Twitter to find the baby goat by sharing the hashtag #FindGusGus.


The emotional reunion

It was just sheer luck that a resident of Phoenix saw the goat while walking his dog and put an end to this fanatic and never-ending search for goat. The mother named Custard was reportedly depressed and weeping to get her baby back. That person took the baby to a nearby PetSmart so they contacted Arizona State Fair. Even though it is still unknown who stole the goat but everyone is thrilled to have the goat back and the reunion of the mother and the baby was surely a precious moment.

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