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Old Woman Nearly Dies When Great Shark Smashes Headfirst Into Glass Tank!

A woman was filmed walking inside a nice blue aquarium wishing to see some nice fish. She saw a huge whale comes past her, and she looks in astonishment at the huge mammal. But the huge humpback whale swims away and she is left with an empty tank.

Her naughty grandchild asks her to tap on the window to take the attention of another whale, but she gets the attract of another creature!
A bid, ferocious shark rushes towards the glass, and crushes into it, leaving a big crack.

The terrified grandma throws herself to the ground to be saved. While her naughty grandchild can’t stop laughing!

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The video that runs for 1 minutes and 3 seconds is a fast moving one with clear view of the dog and the teddy. It was just a prank that the masters wanted to play with their dog but all went wrong when the dog does something that was not expected by them. The video was really funny as you can see the expression of the dog throughout it. It is a real video and the action of the cute dog is quite real in the funny video. The teddy bear also looks good in the video. 

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