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Off-duty police officer spots something strange in the water and what happens next…

Life as a policeman

We cannot possibly imagine the risk police officers take every second they are on duty as they put their lives on line to keep us safe. They deserve some time off to chill out and relax once in a while and that is exactly what two officers in Jacksonville, Florida were doing as they set out sea on day. They were just looking to relax and things took a turn that they had to take on an unexpected mission and go above and beyond despite being off-duty.


Brad Smith and Lt. Steve Mullen are the officers who encountered a sea turtle who was tangled up pretty bad in a crab trap. Not to mention, the poor creature was terrified to death and it was fighting too hard for its life, dragging the heavy weight through the water to get free from the ropes. It was a huge turtle, about 8 feet long and it was two miles away from the shore and it had lost all its strength in attempt to free itself from the ropes.

The video shows how swiftly Mullen cut the rope and freed the turtle from its agony. The shocking thing is that he was able to do this from the boat as he reached over the side to where the turtle was trying to swim. By that point, the turtle had already understood that they were trying to help him so he stayed relaxed and let them do their work.

The turtle grew a bit agitated as Mullen got closer but somehow he cut the ropes and as soon as the turtle got free, he started swimming and gladly the officers got all this on a video to share with people around the world. The two of them showed that just a few minutes of efforts could mean everything to another living thing.

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